Westworld is so damn good so is anything else just as profound!

A perfect well acted, crafty written and comforting Sci-Fi experience! I’m so jealous of the brilliant people behind such a show about robots that pose as humans and improve by others that control them. I appreciate anything thought provoking such as Butterfly Effect, Inception, Cube, and Donnie Darko; projects done right with a different tone that than most!

The simplicity of things existing or not is a wonderful thing like the possibility of time travel or otherwise similar things is glorious. It’s a necessity to get the mind going, as heard in Get Out “The mind is a powerful thing to waste”. I crave that stuff like no other, the goosebumps I get from certain intense things is one of my favorite things too when I watched Killing Eve I got goosebumps 5 times that was wonderful! #Autism #Thoughtprovoking #Writer #Westworld #Puzzles #Writingcommunity

Health confusion

I feel so bad for people that drink energy drinks, smoke cigarettes, eat fast food carelessly, or otherwise like how there’s actually healthy options that exist like the vast amount that don’t take vitamins!

Potentially so many could do more for themselves if they cared more, maybe it’s wrong of me to be concerned for humanity as a whole. I do spend a lot of time thinking in my alternate universe of abyss and bliss! Feeling great mentally is important although I’ll never understand those that destroy they’re body on purpose and not even try to change it. #Autism #Writingcommunity #Health #Inspiregreatness

Bizarre time we’re all in

I’ve been enjoying gaming and watching horror movies or shows not much else for me to do. Even without the #Quarantine I’d probably be doing the same thing right now which is unfortunate.

Whatever though my abrasive personality is keeping me at bay whilst our society is going to the toilet! Not sure what’s going on happen but I’m tired of it all, it’s annoying and way too much of bland grey matter for me! #Writingcommunity #Autism #Routine #Fsociety

Lots of tension lately

Such a ghoulish thing to embody the stress of being misunderstood and have my own family not give a shit what I think! Lovely time we’re dealing with quarantined inside around family too much where even a little point of mine about something is disagreed with even by saying how it could’ve been worded differently that disturbing.

Just living with #Autism is hard enough it’s even worse when my own mom is against me! I’m sorry I have been on writers block regardless of anything I’ve been really into gaming which comforts me most of the time. Hope everyone else is doing fairly well during such a unique time in our lives. I may not achieve my goals but at least I try to be happy I guess. #Writingcommunity #Writersblock #Quarantine #Autism #Familydrama #Fame

Just want to put out there I have Asperger’s and I want to help others that might understand!

I’ve been through a lot of different struggles in many variations and have many peculiar quirks that are hard to understand/fathom. A lot of things that make me uncomfortable to think about it’d be great to poor out to through a podcast or any form!

Another topic is having nightmares that are inspirational and extreme yet profound too. The vast amount of projects that have been produced to the world is astonishing the stem of idea is beautiful. #Autism #Writingcommunity #Inspiration #Blogthursday

Beyond me

So strange I have days where my luck is out the window in many different aspects sometimes I wonder if I’m cursed. In relationship sense I’ve ruined things and gaming has it’s horrible times especially in Dead by Daylight I tend to die first.

I’m happy my writing somewhat gets support it’d be superb if it blew up! Unless I’m not meant for it this it’s still fun in an express myself way and hope for something more!

Facepalm 🤦‍♂️ of my life in a rut, in purgatory, and in frozen darkness. The day was sultry in its odd ways.

🧩Autistic and unsure of the path I’m meant to take definitely feels weird. Illuminati controls thy earth people just accept it as is brainwashed even into thinking doctors are gods chosen disciples that fix everything they fucken don’t the sooner people realize that the better. #Autism #Profound #Fame #Saturdayblog #Writingcommunity #ASD