I’m sure others agree horror doesn’t get enough recognition so I figured I’d blog about it

At least 10 movies in the last several years didn’t get any nominations that damn well should’ve and hurts my soul and I think the crew deserve the praise for what they’ve done! Films like Hereditary, Misummer, US, a dark drama called Waves was phenomenal, or some oldies like Smokin aces Jeremy Piven deserves best actor award easily, a movie from last year too Motherless Brooklyn didn’t get enough praise not sure why it was spectacular!

Me and my mom came up with a genius idea what for second chance Oscars I wanna be known for a cool thing in several decades. If not still a fun theory and conversation regardless I think it’s intriguing. #Moviethoughts #Wednesdayblog #Oscars #Moviecritic #ASD #Autism

Unorthodox thoughts

I hate how people say where you from the question should be where do you live or where were you born? What if the person has moved? I have too much autism for this world sometimes.

It’s bizarre the magnitude of the peculiar things in this life and chaos in the environment especially for the ones that don’t know what to do with themselves! #ASD #Blogthursday

Been horribly slacking with my craft

Here’s some magical opinions from Alex! Something that is worse than bullying to me is being tricked by someone being nice and come to find out it’s a ruse beyond frustrating to me! Lately I’ve been degraded and very off from my normal self I think it’s cause I was sick for awhile but still holds up my point/thought process. I wonder if I’ll ever get to a time in my life where I’m not targeted for some bullshit no matter what it is I’m sick of it.

On a happy note my reviews are doing well lately and I might have some epic things happen this year I’m excited. I might think about more stuff soon I wanna get my groove back with writing more; I’m tired though so I’m glad I at least this far. #Autism #Rant #ASD #Tuesdayblog

The most stressful way to argue with an aspie!

Constantly egging on things when they are definitely over and overpowering someone by not stop talking. My mom tends to think she has more power over anyone that tells her to be quiet; every time we get into it she makes it seem like she’s got worse Asperger’s than me. Wtf am I supposed to do when aggravated about a ridiculous situation no matter what it’s about it’s bonkers of mentally unstable for either me or otherwise sure I’ll take responsibility just still mind blowing.

I never know what to do about a tense conversation especially when the other party has the upper hand like fuck everyone in these circumstances! I’m sorry to vent this peculiar catastrophic predicament #Autism at its worst! I can’t figure it out ever I mean I’m in shutdown mode I guess basically my pixelated mind of weird shapes – On a happy note at least Christmas is tomorrow maybe that’s what makes things so blasphemy. #ChristmasEve #Writingcomunity #ASD

Grey matter

The peculiar strands of feeling foggy and stressed about numerous things is mind blowing! This whole day has felt bleak/distant from normal. Where’s my creative mind when I need it cause I lack my normal epicness or maybe I don’t and this is just a peculiar mix of dark clouds; I think it’s brilliant to metaphorically want more flowers on a greater path! I sure as f hope next year has more in store for greatness to me instead of this brash mischievous side of morbidity.

I always appreciate the line in Fight Club “Let the sparks fly where they may” profound depth of different aspects are exquisite. Another powerful line is from The Matrix “We all are just a battery” maybe my flow is scattered but I’m enjoying myself. #Mondayblog #Autism #Writer #Inspiration

Well I went to church today, first time in at least 6 years before that 4 years! Note: Slightly controversial.

Such an profound enlightenment of heartwarming vibes and wonderful people! I forgot how great it can be to believe in god cause I’ve really lost my faith tremendously over the last decade and it’s a powerful religion “Christianity”. I tend to consider myself agnostic/atheist it’s comforting to me most times I do often think about believing in god at the same time I feel uncomfortable about many aspects; quite an odd yet intriguing subject for sure.

Imagine a wonderful option of doing anything you want in life not in a bad way and still get into heaven that’d be so abundant/benevolent. So many get healed from praying or otherwise similar I love it – I want to feel more at peace in life! I’m beyond excited for Christmas though, should be great! #Sundayblog #Autism