Well I went to church today, first time in at least 6 years before that 4 years! Note: Slightly controversial.

Such an profound enlightenment of heartwarming vibes and wonderful people! I forgot how great it can be to believe in god cause I’ve really lost my faith tremendously over the last decade and it’s a powerful religion “Christianity”. I tend to consider myself agnostic/atheist it’s comforting to me most times I do often think about believing in god at the same time I feel uncomfortable about many aspects; quite an odd yet intriguing subject for sure.

Imagine a wonderful option of doing anything you want in life not in a bad way and still get into heaven that’d be so abundant/benevolent. So many get healed from praying or otherwise similar I love it – I want to feel more at peace in life! I’m beyond excited for Christmas though, should be great! #Sundayblog #Autism

Feeling wise today

I woke up in a daze from a nightmare last night and a headache this morning. The unimaginable thought provoking experience from a traumatic sleep experience could lead to possibilities of turning that sort of thing into a glorious horror movie! When I was younger I’d wake up sweating from those morbid emotions/dreams I’m blown away it didn’t happen this time although a headache is close enough. My inability to be more normal is astounding even in my sleep I have a meltdown and get beat up by strangers!

Maybe it’s best not to watch Castle Rock before going to bed, I mean the darkness creeps in like no other at times no one would expect. That can be brilliant and horrifying while in my opinion a masterpiece of beauty, yeah man this is epic! Life is exquisite sometimes! #Autism #Nightmares #Tuesdayblog #Fame

Well alright bobble of creativity

Maybe the magic ju ju will invigorate sparks today! The unvering feeling of things not working is really discouraging, I mean I really want to poor my soul out into the words I spew out! I’m super glad a lot of the drama I was dealing with has died down I get really fed up with being a target just cause I don’t understand certain jokes and I’m more sensitive than others. It blows my mind how unhealthy incoherent things can be I get my wired crossed and lose my rhythm, not fun. #Autism #Mondayblog

Enormous amount of fear and daunting feelings

The large amount of burning truths that weigh on me really put a damper on things and exhausting amount of times I get bullied is enough for me to lose my will to wanna do most things. Maybe I deserve some of the abuse that downpours on me šŸ˜©šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø! I can’t do much about my situation or the way I am but yet there’s some that really degrade me just for entertain others and themselves; I wonder who really cares what happens to me. Oh maybe I’m just a negative Nancy but I gotta let it out somehow and blogging seems profound at the moment!

I need more healthy days that’s for damn sure, potentially holidays will be enlightenment. I know there’s good people out in the world šŸŒŽšŸ¤”I guess I just get in the wrong connection of them, sorry if my details are not precise. What’s great going on is the amount of movies I get to see and write reviews about. Plenty of occasions where I want changes and I’m stuck in an abyss of my routine among other boring things – Autism isn’t always unique it’s broken and unorthodox while also being rainbows of mixed vibes. The world needs to know more about people like that don’t fit in most ordinary situations! Dark grim bits of puzzles and beautiful aspects go through my mind! #Autism #Fridaythoughts #Blogfun #Incrediblevocabulary

Let the truth set you free!

Don’t let the power of others overcome you, I’m told by profound people not let others abuse me which is important and thought provoking! Immerse yourself into this deep dark world maybe it’s better being autistic I get stuck on things worse and pay attention to details better than most think or at least I definitely do with some things.

Hopefully if my words of wisdom ever get more known at least take this into perspective I am not giving up and I’m only in the situation I’m in by choice. I’ve had a lot of trauma and dealt with a bunch of bullies that get me in full rage that’s not healthy; my point though is don’t be like I’ve lost hope because of my disorder and lack of money. I sure as shit hope this wall barrier changes over the next couple years regardless though at least I’m safe. I am literally a pinnacle of oh he’s an easy target let’s pick on him for fun ugh no no this needs to stop! Realizing daunting aspects is buried with file cabinets of fragile! #ASD #Fame #Sundayblog #Inspiration #Bizarre #Rarity

Mind-Warped unsettling vibes!

The uncomfortable feeling of tiredness, pain and anxiety is peculiar and unworldly! I’m sorry to anyone whom doesn’t like my thoughts but just like John Candy said on Planes, Trains and Automobiles “I like me, my friends like me”. That’s a profound thing to me, it’s exhausting trying to please others so much no matter who it is. How bout do you and see how well that works out? If not do what I do a majority of the time is avoid people.

Even though I’m dreadfully abysmally lonely I manage pretty well or at least I like to think so. Hmm maybe I need a self help book for Asperger’s syndrome cause most days I’m at a loss. It’s basically like living on island where I rarely see anyone and when I do finally see someone they don’t understand me or my unorthodox mindset. #Autismthoughts #Saturdayblog #ASD #Fame #Peculiar #Depression