Have been really thrown off from wanting to blog but here I am!

It’s super difficult for me to get used to people bashing on me in any form and I have a lot of lack of thoughts to put out. Either way though things like women’s right and hatred confuse me that’s a controversial subject that I get curious about often; both men and women should be respected regardless of many things that’s one thing in this generation people have way out of whack!

Another subject that I absolutely crave is going against certain things in society I totally praise Mr. Robot #SamEsmail deserves millions of respect points. Not enough sources have the balls to put profound things out to me Illuminati is real and people like me suffer with lack of support among other things. Living with #ASD is not easy and it’s depressing wanting so much in life and not being to do much about things.

I need to write a lot more!

I’ve been so into gaming, out of proportion thoughts and been extra tired lately. The revolution will emerge in due time that’s a thought I think about sometimes. The chemically unbalanced society we live in will either get worse or better and I’m extremely intrigued to find out when it’ll happen! Hey maybe some important people could see my blog I’d be beyond ready to express my opinions in front of a large majority of people.

Regardless my mind boggles and I forgot to blog more than I do, I hope I’m still appreciated by whomever reads my twisted thoughts. My autistic mind is like a perfect art tapestry that spins often and creates a masterful work of beauty. I imbue creativity when I’m in the mood for it and things like roaches without heads will just keep on trucking for several days that shit is fantastic to me – Shit like that keeps the world doing its thing. #Autism #Sparkofbrilliance #Fame #Tuesdaythoughts

Slacking lately due to lack of cleaver stuff to include and been having variations of drama!

Lots of brain fog, stress, anxiety and aches isn’t healthy to experience to get through the day. Blistering mind-boggling oddness is a unique way to put things. Shocking to argue on PS4 with someone whom fakes being cool with me for awhile and bashes my entire life and more! It’s demoralizing to experience what I do so often, I hope the people that bully me suffer greatly at some point. On other notes things are mostly awesome and vastly peculiar.

Lol though some people I’d love to throw a heavy object at and others I’d love to hug crazy how conundrum flows through my vicinity of my weird mind. Excuse my complex unorthodox thought process, it’s mostly rambling. #Autism #Tuesdaythoughts

Today has been continuously awful!

Me and mom were supposed to go on a trip this morning a little bit after leaving a tire goes almost entirely flat, that was super disorienting. I feel super lonely, pushed away, told, had a awful rude person on Snapchat , aching, had a painful bathroom experience and a little bit ago an argument with mom! I just want these toxic things to stop, I need some good things damn.

I don’t know what to think I’m so spaced and frustrated with madness. I’m sorry for anything I do and sorry for existing πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ§© #Autistic #Saturdaythoughts

Mostly great except very bad pain for way to long!

Today was quite good and relieving! Not much going through my mind except the usual mindless entrapment and peculiarities of daily life. My perpetual daunting feelings like to creep in, the good stuff is nice too just feels like a never ending prison with more freedom than acceptable.

Mind numbing atrocities of life and agonizing weirdness from the cerebellum of a autistic guy, longing for more and yet unsure of if it’ll ever happen. The darkness has spoken and Bob is staying inside for awhile lol I love nicknames, I feel clever. #Autism #Darkness #Writingcommunity #ASD

It’s lovely to have a nice day!

Feeling uplifted, hyper and heartwarming! Nice combo of vibrations, hit tactics woooo hell yeah boi; so nice to have a great week or at least a epilogue to one! I got to see awesome movies this week and laughed a lot which is scrumptiously healthy or something unique.

It’s important to not let the darkness in most people just let happen which is unfortunate and toxic don’t be that type anyone whom reads this! Maybe more good things will happen soon yay yee haaa party πŸŽ‰πŸ§© #Autism #Goodvibes #Healthyliving #Fridaythoughts