Toxic feeling that flows through my veins

Mostly likely a rant blog so bare with me! I’ve had some blurt out moments over the years that gets used against me like a burning poison coursing through me for at least 6 years or more, it’s extremely unfair and diabolical. You ever wanna create a monster out of a sweet cake of a man mention things that go against their code of ethics; I’ve had much happier times and occasionally I’m basically shit on like almost literally and figuratively.

Excuse me for saying but fuck some people! I hope I don’t ever meet certain ones that laugh at me and call me things that I don’t ever wanna think about or say even on here. Sometimes I think ok people that comit suicide are cowards then when I’m bullied even verbally I think wow I should consider the possibility of drastic measures or other stuff but nah I can’t do either one cause I’m broke.

I wonder if people even care about well being anymore, I can’t believe I was laughed at when vile things were said to me out of the blue. Yeah maybe I’m irrational, unorthodox, say odd things, and have some anger issues doesn’t mean target me that’s how murderers are created 😩😢.

Maybe I’ll be more known and even rich things that crush my soul won’t burn so much I’m not sure I just know I need a healthier lifestyle. Hey maybe could see my blogs and this could become famous where I’m honored to be different instead of disgusted. 🤦‍♂️🧩 #ASD #Sundayblog #Rant #Fame #Autismawarness #Venting


Ok it’s a little late in the weekend I just have some thoughts to get off my chest!

Lack of communication in my life and society is disgustingly aggravating especially in my case! How hard is it to say what someone did wrong? Maybe it’s just people with ASD that struggle to understand these matters I’m not sure either way it’s effed up. I deal with a lot of rude as fuck people that are even adults that act obnoxious over little things and others that don’t tell me anything at all which bugs me to no end almost as if I was racing but my brakes went out so I can’t stop because basically I almost always misunderstand things that others stop caring about.

I don’t know if the movie Idiocracy (2005) is becoming real in the future of how dumbed down people are but damn it’s whack lately in many ways. I guess I don’t know if this rant is necessary or profound I thought it was important! P.s. Be loving not fearful or sensitive! #Autism #Rant

Complex equation in my life!

I hope in my life time #autistic people get more understood and defended no matter the circumstances of drama; a lot of negativity I have people are dumb as rocks about the disorder and outbursts. My mom Liz Labunski and Katherine Tulley have been so understanding and sweet!!

I’m also hoping to have my writing be hella famous and possibly turned into a book or something cool. #Autism #Fame #Writingcommunity

I didn’t get a chance yesterday but I’ve started to realize Tuesday is bully Alex day!

So much frustrating nonsense in the last couple months of Tuesday’s and give me a hard time for mistakes I do, sensitive to loud noises, had strong opinions taken way too far, and the worst of all misunderstanding important things about me.

Yesterday was annoying because I was trying to focus on something frustrating in #Borderlands3 and 3 people were insulting me because I’m sensitive to loud people especially while trying to do something annoying yet I’m the bad guy, fuck that! I don’t want to be bullied just because people are too stupid to know about #Autism!

I’m a odd guy sure and I get moody I accept that but I won’t put up with abuse for bull shit reasons. So sad how obnoxious some people are when things go hey wire.

Maybe I shouldn’t use social media as much and PlayStation ugh a lot of my fun goes down the toilet when things are catastrophic! Blogging helps for sure though, maybe I’ll become famous one day and none of the stuff I deal with will matter.

It’s quite an astonishing thing having 8 hours of sleep and feeling content!

Gravity of the day is well elevated! It’s nice that I reached 500 reviews mark on IMDb, I’m proud of myself even if not many are! The film Falling Down is very immersive and profound example of downward spiral of society.

Anyone ever where we went wrong in the last 60 years I mean really stock market, wars, tragedy, shit show presidents, Hollywood truths releasing problems, when does earth our home ever gonna feel safe? I don’t know if people think about it much but we live in poison or maybe I just think too much because I don’t wanna live like I do anymore. When do autistic people feel welcome? #Autism #Deepthoughts

I’m back if anyone missed me!

It’s been since August 19th since my last blog and boy have things been erratic with peculiar things. It’s been amazing and whacky! I’m shocked at some people that actually think they understand #Autism well I’d love to just use the line from Donnie Darko (2001) “You can suck a fuck” lol that’s great and so is the philosophy of time travel.

I love anything ambient and I’m not crazy I literally just have wild opinions. I don’t need professional help from a damn person it doesn’t help me but increase fear in life so yeah. I did also get a epic regal unlimited subscription which is one of the best things ever!