On going deprived feelings all day!

Meh 4 hours sleep, gaming, nice food and accomplishing some available purchases or at least from mom getting some epic stuff! Hope everyone is enriched and full of magnificent particles to flow through the body. Tomorrow should be powerful and electrified; or at least I’m believing in that righteousness. #Autism #Wordsofwisdom #Fame #ASD


Mostly great except very bad pain for way to long!

Today was quite good and relieving! Not much going through my mind except the usual mindless entrapment and peculiarities of daily life. My perpetual daunting feelings like to creep in, the good stuff is nice too just feels like a never ending prison with more freedom than acceptable.

Mind numbing atrocities of life and agonizing weirdness from the cerebellum of a autistic guy, longing for more and yet unsure of if it’ll ever happen. The darkness has spoken and Bob is staying inside for awhile lol I love nicknames, I feel clever. #Autism #Darkness #Writingcommunity #ASD

It’s lovely to have a nice day!

Feeling uplifted, hyper and heartwarming! Nice combo of vibrations, hit tactics woooo hell yeah boi; so nice to have a great week or at least a epilogue to one! I got to see awesome movies this week and laughed a lot which is scrumptiously healthy or something unique.

It’s important to not let the darkness in most people just let happen which is unfortunate and toxic don’t be that type anyone whom reads this! Maybe more good things will happen soon yay yee haaa party 🎉🧩 #Autism #Goodvibes #Healthyliving #Fridaythoughts

A great friend suggested I do this with one of my reviews! -Love you Kat

The Matrix Review, a very profound one too.

Truly a masterpiece in every way! If it wasn’t for Fight Club this would my favorite; I’ve been on the fence about it. The Matrix along with They Live have the best metaphors about life/society, most of which a lot of the population aren’t woke to!

For example the entire speech Morpheus says “The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. That you are a slave, Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.” Among other brilliant quotes like when he talks about what the world has become, then mentions we have become this referring to a battery. So many genius lines I could list that I won’t.

The effects, stunts, lighting, sounds, and tone are outstandingly spot on! They really did train for the fight sequences for months I’ve seen all the special features plus more. Yes this is a sci-fi film, but I see it as a documentary as well. We’re all slaves that take the blue pill throughout many things it’s just hard to realize that. I also love what someone else said, it’s a benchmark for sci-fi to come, that is very true and it’s the last of its kind; movies aren’t made like this anymore!

A lot of people worked hard to make this film what it is. I respect that; I’ve always wanted to work on film just haven’t had a way for many reasons. If you’ve read this far or even at all thanks and sorry! I usually don’t leave a review this long, just thought it was worth it for this one. Check out my others if you’re interested for now 10 out of 10 phenomenal movie in many ways!

#Autistic #Film #Philosophy #Fame #Hollywood #Thursdaythoughts

I realize something a film I love the feeling of being excited while watching and afterwards of a certain movie!

If I had a way to get a famous draft/script known I’d want something that gets the viewers attention like my favorite movies do! It’s important to get a reaction no matter what emotion, I know this about filmmakers I’ve listen to commentaries; I love studying films.

I’m sorry to whomever sees my blogs and feels sad I’ve had some rough days/thoughts. My mind disturbs me it’s bizarre but knowledge is power right? Yeah so what’s not enriching though is zero connections and the lost feelings so be it though I’m cool like fonze. #ASD #Filmthoughts #Moviebuff #Wednesdaythoughts #Writingcommunity

It’s purely disturbing how much I want things in life and can’t do much about it!

The dread really creeps in like a leech that doesn’t wanna get off! I don’t know what to do except what I already do. Part of me hates having autism unlike most that are happy with it well not for me, maybe 40% of it is great the other 60% is hell.

The lack of friends, social issues, bowel problems, misunderstandings, struggles with important normal things, and the poison I get from arguing with my mom and sister. The times where I just wanna eat food and can’t because of distractions and very often my own goddamn mom says “Life with Asperger’s” then I’m thinking no bitch you’re annoying me; any normal person would feel the same way when hungry and lonely.

It’s shocking when people don’t understand my feelings but I’m pushed away by so many that I choose to be away from the world. People say I’d love to not be working, try doing barely anything for 9 years!

I’m sorry my darkness creeps in sometimes, I hope these maddening feelings disperse eventually! #Autism #ASD #Tuesdaythoughts #Depression to some extent.

Feeling very hopeless and broken!

I’m way to distant from so much and pushed away from family because of my quirkiness; I’m damn near crying. I don’t if this is appropriate to even express how off I feel but it needs to be out!

Abysmal feelings really creep in when so much new stuff happens in a week I get many levels of anxiety that isn’t accepted by anyone even my mom thinks I’m a nightmare that hurts 😰😩! I’m so lost if I’ll ever gain success and that hurts so much to think about!

Imagine a burning feeling that decreases chances of greatness and layers of unsureness is heartbreaking. I’m sorry world of anyone whom sees this or otherwise, I need a miracle 🤦‍♂️🧨.

Living proof of insanity that is continually growing that’s dangerous, that’s a minefield of nerve wracking and crew of metaphorical people lined up for the worst day to happen. I can’t imagine a real bomb field let alone a poison in the mind. #Autistic #Wednesdaythoughts