I really need to get back to my happy self where I absolutely love vocabulary and wishing I was famous!

Either way it’s been a strange and meh few days – I think I’m lacking B12’s. Hope things get better for me and everyone else!


There’s many times where I wish I had connections to make a masterful film 🎞 😩

In this day and age of society it’s about who you know not how you get their! Being an aspie not enough people give a shit what I think – I have to feel extremely depressed or beyond happy barely ever in between.

So much of my life I’ve wanted to work on movies even have a uncle that does but he barely keeps in touch and I barely know him so unfortunate! Whatever though I write reviews with faith that’d help my chances of someone important to see my opinions if not F it at least I try. #Autism #Fame #Moviebuff #Hollywood maybe lol

Been busy lately but “Here I go again on my own going down the only road I’ve ever known”

Thanks to @Minimalismmyway AKA Rebecca for ruining my day! I guess she didn’t unfollow me on WordPress I don’t know if that will happen but I was blocked and I wasn’t even referring to the person about TikTok being childish not the person being it ugh!

The lack of people that don’t communicate when they’re upset is disgusting no matter who’s in the wrong it’s an overall huge problem! Because not only did I think person is awesome they inspired me to get back into gaming now I just feel absolutely horrible yet someone told me to get over and walk it off no it’s a bigger deal than they think! Besides this sadness I had a phenomenal day yesterday and mostly decent week of gaming. I don’t know what to think right I feel worse than I should about my situation, I guess I’m just pouring it into WordPress, sorry to whomever sees this. #Autism #Gamer #Depression #Peoplesuck #Sundaythoughts #Lost

Been slacking on blogging which is unlike me but it’s ok! Not much excitement lately and not much profound.

Got majorly back into gaming lately which is incredibly peaceful and I’ve been having terrible luck with sleep. I don’t know what kind weird nonsense is going but damn I do not have good luck in most life things; I literally just am a slacker that wants to be famous. #Autism #Depression #Thursdaythoughts #Moviebuff #Gamer #Paranormal

Well shit balls on a cracker! Crazy weekend especially for my 27th birthday 🤦‍♂️🧩

So much happened mostly good to a 70% the other 30% was anxiety inducing filled with mass mind fuckery and unnecessary drama! Fuck getting older especially for aspies; although I got some epic gifts recently which is beyond amazing so I don’t know I’m on the fence metaphorically maybe literally would be great too!

I rarely do a long blog but sometimes it’s necessary to unpack my painful brain I deal with on a daily basis. I hope others don’t have to be as miserable as me I don’t even talk about half the stuff that really grinds my gears, of all days my birthday shouldn’t have an argument in it I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. #Autism #Birthdayblog #Depression #Anxiety