If I had a way & others were interested

I’d love to talk to people about how I tend to enjoy movies most don’t some even get a lot of hate, I appreciate more things that the crew worked so hard on among other things. Movies like 31, Green Inferno, Beach Bum, Hellboy remake, Slender Man, Big Bully, The Wicker Man, Captain Marvel, US, Emoji Movie, Carpool, so many others even many TV shows I quite enjoy that many people disgusted by or aren’t interested; I have bizarre taste.

Another subject I’d love to talk to people about is how certain people I’ve interacted with are very rude about advice I give like if people have chronic illnesses or otherwise I just wanna help decrease they’re symptoms in most cases things blow out of proportion I’ll never understand it.

Welp today was mostly good except for a immature argument with someone stupid!

I mostly chilled, had incredible food, played Spyro, and on Snapchat I tried to be friendly to someone and they sweared me among other awful things to say. I don’t understand some people seriously don’t Snapchat your life if you just gonna bully anyone that replies that’s just despicable and unrelentlessly degrading! #Autism #Sundaythoughts #Mediocre #Inneedofamiracle


It hurts šŸ˜” to lose great real life friends and realizing how I barely know anyone genuine šŸ§©

I realized the in last couple days how incredibly uncomfortable I get when someone talks to me about inappropriate subjects and top of it basically insulting my mom. Barely got any friends in real life the ones I do have are very vulgar and decides it’s necessary to give me life advice some of which is ridiculous that others would be insulted by so I don’t know what to say in that situation except just listen while syncing it in; maybe I should have more guts when in a unsettling conversation. Just getting off my chest how evil my life can be without realizing it till the next day being the way I am šŸ˜°! Hope everyone else has amazing friends and marriages šŸ˜‘! #Autism #Depression #Lonely #Thursdaythoughts #Petrified #Blogging