If I had a way & others were interested

I’d love to talk to people about how I tend to enjoy movies most don’t some even get a lot of hate, I appreciate more things that the crew worked so hard on among other things. Movies like 31, Green Inferno, Beach Bum, Hellboy remake, Slender Man, Big Bully, The Wicker Man, Captain Marvel, US, Emoji Movie, Carpool, so many others even many TV shows I quite enjoy that many people disgusted by or aren’t interested; I have bizarre taste.

Another subject I’d love to talk to people about is how certain people I’ve interacted with are very rude about advice I give like if people have chronic illnesses or otherwise I just wanna help decrease they’re symptoms in most cases things blow out of proportion I’ll never understand it.

Imagine if symptoms could be turned off

I so wish my quirks had an off switch when inappropriate matters come up or anything in the realm of not normal! It’s very unsettling how I screw up then I end up the bad guy of something I didn’t even realize how bad it really is till it’s to late.

That’s not healthy like especially my anger issues I deal with is not good, it’s part of why I avoid the world; I’d do terrible things to someone that truly upsets me! Sometimes I like to pretend my happy place is an alternate universe where the society we know is different in better ways that’s comforting to me. Just a few thoughts that flowed through maybe good or bad depending on how they’re perceived but for sure #Autism is very misunderstood and difficult. #ASD

Despicable truth

One of the most disturbing things in my life is being tricked and lied to just because of my gullible symptom in Asperger’s! So many use me for their benefit no matter what the reason is it’s sickening and beyond evil!

I’m the bad guy I guess because I genuinely believe people easily I effing hate that so much! Can’t I just be a decent guy for once god damnit, so weird how some individuals love to make me miserable beyond belief. The experiences I puzzled together in my life is enormous enough for a novel or something devastating to express in some form. I mean I don’t deserve to be scammed in my life just because I’m autistic! #Actuallyautistic #ASD #Depression #Trickery #Enlightenedtruth #Woke

I’d love it if I could find people that love movies as much as me

It’s bizarre when I absolutely am in love with a film so much more than others! Movies Like It Chapter Two I think is way better than the sequel, Birds of Prey, The Fanatic, Brightburn, any Rob Zombie film, Joker, Green Inferno, Freddy Got Fingered, Better watch out, Don’t Breathe, most horror movies, and many others. I’m sure the creators would be happy I appreciate their work!

I love cinema so much it’s such an art to me, if only I could progress my passion further instead of being stuck at home; oh the life of being autistic. My trivia is pretty far fetched and outrageously epic only nerds would understand me. #Autism #Filmcritic

I wanna erupt my soul into making a film!

So inspirational every time I listen to a commentary or other special features; I wanna do more about it so bad and can’t if only people could check out my reviews more! It’s so frustrating that I don’t know what to do about my situation damn if I could remove my disability I would at least I’d consider it.

I don’t know how to write a script but want to so bad or definitely work with someone. It’s scrumptiously wild it’s like in my bones to work in the film industry not many understand though how bad I want it. #Autism #Mondayblog #Hollywood #Fame

Disturbing facts that bother me

There could be no such thing as poverty but rich people allow it to happen globally in many locations it doesn’t make sense to me! I’d love to fix it or if someone else could that’d be marvelous too; I mean there doesn’t have to be homeless people or charities it’s unfair and cruel!

Same with cancer many people keep giving drugs, chemo treatment, or otherwise to make money wtf is up with that is I’ll tell you greed and people used to it to do a damn thing about it.

I mean this could be groundbreaking definitely a chapter in a book or a book of mine in the future, that’s a riveting spec of particles.

Someday a mind blowing thing of evil incarnate will happen or benevolent greatness that’ll be a monumental day in history. A must is when we have a better bunny rabbit than a power animal in offices that actually do good for the world. #Autism #philosophical #Importantblogs #Fame

Saddest thing to me right now

I waste so much important time away and it’s destroying my life #Fuckautism! It’s so not healthy how I want so much constantly not being happy! So many don’t understand ASD that gets exhausting and so do my many depressing thoughts that are disgustingly endless. If I could remove my disorder I would I’m so jealous of people who can have amazing friends among other things like damn gimme that.

Maybe I’m meant to be a 27 year old with more struggles than imaginable even worse is I wanted 2020 to be a year for some of the best things it’s already been shit for weeks. This isn’t is a biblical good to praise of comforting me I don’t really deserve much I mostly am a failure that doesn’t know what to do with my life that’s the tragedy I live with. #Depression #Autism #Thursdayblog #Writingcommunity #Fear

It’s been a whirlwind lately

Such a bizarre feeling to experience so many depressing thoughts, lack of good sleep and other peculiar things. Unnerving feeling of wanting so much more and not sure what on earth the angels expect of me or is it the demons; blistering madness that’s for sure! Maybe people with #Autism have to deal with more suffering to get to better things, it’s beyond me. I wonder how long my agony will last I mean I’m so tired of so much I’m 27 and endlessly lonely and not happy with my life!

I’m sorry to anyone I bore with my whacky thoughts, it’s nice to vent some of it regardless. Hopefully this year can still get better I’m tired of arguing with people for poor reasons whatever though I guess #ASD people like me can’t really progress much more than a casual life. #Filmcritic #Peculiarthoughts